Dueloy started in 2001 with the concept of bringing together luxury and art by combining rich faux leather with the artistic elements. The company is pioneer of leather cladding and wall panelling in India. We expertise in customized furniture, leather wall panelling and luxury lifestyle accessories.

Striking an impeccable balance between artistry and technology, Dueloy incorporates tactile 3D elements for bold accent walls, small and large, sensitively balancing style and innovation for luxury commercial products as well as the modern home. Our products are acknowledged for their latest designs, high durability, attractive pattern and flawless finish. We are vigilant to develop product range which has perfect balance of design, quality and comfort.

The professionalism at Dueloy makes it the perfect partner as it guarantees, for each individual project, confidentiality and the utmost care in management, ensuring the customer a personalized, exclusive and unique product.

‘We aim at producing top-notch delight’