A. Clean the wall of any dust or debris.

  • 1. Remove any loose, flaking paint and old wall coverings. Tiles are not to be applied on top of previous wall coverings.
  • 2. Fill joints, cracks and major wall imperfections for a flat, even surface.
  • 3. Glossy surfaces must be sanded and primed

B. Color the wall surface matching the tiles

  • 1. The paint will mask any peek-through naturally associated with tiles.
  • 2. Paints must be fully dried before applying tiles.

C. Sketch lines in pencil on the wall based on exact measurement of the tiles.

  • 1. Each individual tile must be placed on the wall based on the lines drawn to create a straight installation.
  • 2. Do not rely on simply butting tiles together.
  • 3. Arrange the tiles on the floor before installing them on the walls.


  • 1. The 3M adhesive must be pressed firmly against the wall for 1 - 2 minutes to activate the adhesive.
  • 2. The 3M adhesive is a one-time use product that should not be applied multiple times.
  • 3. The 3M adhesive must be applied to a clean, rigid, non-flexible, flat surface. Any dust or foreign materials or irregularities on the wall will affect adhesion. The 3M adhesive attains highest adhesion and performance after 72 hours.


  • 1.Clear the tile of any dust or debris.
  • 2. Using a roller, place an even coating of adhesive onto the wall surface.
  • 3. Next use the roller to place an even coating of adhesive onto the backside of the tile.
  • 4. Let the adhesive set on both the wall and backside of the tile for a few minutes.
  • 5. Then place the tile onto the wall surface and hold firmly against the wall surface until the adhesive sets.
  • 6. Firmly press all sides of the tile.


  • Faux Leather: Spot cleaning with mild soap and water will remove most of the everyday stains.
  • Faux Suede: Use a brush or tape to take any dirt before using any sort of cleaner.