Dueloy Leather is a reality that produces from the single standardcatalog collection to customised furniture with the guarantee of furnishings made to a work of art. From a first briefing where the customer is confronted, the concept of the project comes to life, followed by the drafting of the detailed estimate which, depending on the requests and the entity, may include site inspections, installation and final checks. Approved, everything goes to the executive project, where the technical drawings, materials and finishes are viewed. The final inspection in the company, before delivery, guarantees the customer the quality of the product made to measure for him. Here is how a general project leads to the realization, all with a single competent interlocutor, Dueloy Leather. The professionalism of Dueloy Leather makes it the perfect partner as it guarantees, for each individual project, confidentiality and the utmost care in management, ensuring the customer a personalized, exclusive and unique product.

  • Manufacturers of Leather Wall Panels
  • Customised Furniture
  • Conceptualization
  • Turn Key Projects